my life, my love and my happiness?
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2002-12-20 21:31:30 (UTC)



today was somuch fun! i got to school well jasons mom had
to bring us and he had something up his ass but anyways
when i got there i went to math and finnished my test and
i wanted to go to the concert in the auditrium but the
stupid snach wouldent let me!! ughh i hate her so much. so
i told her that i needed to go and see mrs z so i could
talk to her about the carniveal and then i just walked
around untill it was time for lunch. then i went to the
gym and bought a braclet and walked around somemore. then
i found pete and we went to do the tye die thing. i was
fun. mr minkler and mrs scarlata helped us with all of
that.. i wasnted to tye die somethign but i forgot a t-
shirt so pete gave me his wife beater. it looks really
cool. oh and before that i went to art and worked on my
scetch book cover. amanda was in there so i sat with her
katrina and danelles sister. i didnt get that much done
but hey what ever. so during the carnival thing i was in
the art room allmost the whole time and then i left and
got ice cream and cotten candy. then i can home on the bus
and watched obsine things being done to my balloon animal
(cat) and me and jay tryed to cheer tia up but it didnt
work. my outfit was bad ass today. liz made me a shirt
that is cut and tied up the back and i wore jeans under my
plaid skirt. it was cool. so yeah i guess i am going to
the lights in the park tonight with a bunch of people i
dont know it will prolly be fun. then i am staying at
marias and we are going to decorate the celler for
christmas. and we a suposed to be going to the mall
tomarrow and i need to get my moms x-mass present. but
other than that my life is still shitty!!
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