Unexpected Mysteries
2001-09-01 03:42:07 (UTC)

8/30/01...It's pretty dead

Sarah and I went to the movies to see Rush Hour 2, which
was funny, she and I went, and I was a little bad, after
our movie was over, we went into different movies, we saw
pieces of Invasion from Mars with ice cube, I think that's
the name of the movie, anyway it sucked the little bit that
we saw. Then we went into Rat Race, with seemed ok, but we
didnt stay.

Sarah, knew it was wrong, but she thinks I am the coolest
mom. Anyway, we had fun. Then all I did was came in from
the movies began cooking dinner, then just hung around,
read a book, then went to bed. I'm tired of this stupid
getting up at 4am, just to make it seem like I'm going to
work. I'm tired of it.