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2002-12-20 21:07:45 (UTC)

A Simple Day and Friday Five

I was up early but spend most of the morning goofing off. I
read the newspaper, did some laundry, make breakfast for
everybody, cleaned the kitchen, did more laundry and played
on the computer.

The afternoon will be more of the same with the addition of
making dinner and making John's lunch. Tomorrow I'll bake
more Christmas cookies, on Sunday I'll wrap gifts, on
Monday do some shopping and bake some pies and other gifts
and then comes Christmas Eve when we'll have our Christmas
dinner as we'll be spending Christmas Day with John's

Christmas is almost here!
1. What holiday or holidays do you celebrate this time of
Christmas and New Years. Plus the birthdays--mine
on the 16th and Owen's on the 18th and our wedding
anniverary on the 21st.

2. What was the best gift you have ever received?
A doll and a doll carriage when I was four.

3. What was the worst gift you've ever given?
A box of plain, white hankerchiefs

4. Where will you be celebrating the holidays? Are you
hosting? Going away?
With my husband's family, at his parents house 10
miles away.

5. If you could spend the holidays with someone who isn't
around, who would it be with? Why?
I can't think of anyone. I'll have everyone I
love here with me.