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2001-09-01 03:33:08 (UTC)


I went to the game tonight and we whomped EP sooo good! It
was so nice out too- perfect Fb game weather. My nick did
so good- i'm so proud! hehe- Me cait and mattie hung out
with Jessica and Rachel the whole time and we met these
really funny guys. The one guy was named Alex and he was
sooo crazy! Awesome fun! It was so fun just to be out
there, and free and single... and just to be, me. I love
it. I actually ate today too. I had a big bowl or cereal
for breakfast, and for dinner I had a turkey sandwich,
granola bar, and some popcorn. Yay for me.... I guess. Its
really hard to get back into this habit. And I know that I
still didn't eat very much, but its better. And I'm trying
really hard, for me. I saw Johnny tonight multiple times.
Its kind of weird. Really weird, but yet... I just could
stare at him forever even though I know its so wrong. Well,
it seems so wrong. Dustins gone for the whole 3 day
weekend... and BTW, we do have a 3 DAY WEEKEND! yay! I need
to go shopping for some appropriate fitting clothing this
weekend. Tomorrow morning I gotta go help cait with her
grandma's reuinion thing at the HS. Its crazy. No sleepin
in for me. MAN! But at least I have sunday night! The game
was a good time, had fun, laughed til i cried. And outside
its beautiful! I can't wait to be back out there tomorrow
morning! Well- i gotta head up to bed and get some shut
eye... beauty sleep.... goodnight~ sweet dreams!