the rose tatoo
2001-09-01 03:29:12 (UTC)

the alley

Jack fumbled for the keys in his pants pocket and finally
got the door to his old Chevy truck open. Hopping into the
cab, he slammed the door and cranked the engine. He pulled
out into the light traffic of the inner city. It was 3 AM
and few people were out and about. Heading downtown he
watched the yellow lights as they blinked at each
intersection. No red lights was a good sign. He should
make it to the address Todd had given him within 10 minutes.
His mind raced along as he drove. "What would this one be
like?" he wondered aloud. Driving up McCain Blvd, he
slowed down in the 500 block, looking for the alley
entrance. There it was, to the right, a police car
blocking the entrance, its' lights making blue and red
patterns on the grimy brick walls of the nearby buildings.
Jack swung into a loading zone and parked his truck. He
climbed out and walked towards the cop standing beside his
car. "Hey Jack, it's a real nasty one this time" called
Sgt. Pike. Jack shrugged, thrust his hands into his
pockets and walked into the alley. Ahead he could see
about a half dozen cops milling around a dumpster, their
flashlights bobbing up and down as they searched the area
for anything out of the ordinary. Todd Brown was standing
beside the dumpster, his head bent in intense conversation
with a petite brunette vice cop named Charise. "Jack, it's
over here in the dumpster" Todd said as he looked up and
saw Jack walking towards him. "And it's really bad" he
added as Jack zigzagged around the trash in the alley.
Todd handed Jack his flashlight and Jack peered into the
dumpster. Jack almost retched right on the spot. Taking a
deep breath, Jack looked again. It was a female body.
Just the body, the head had been neatly cut away from the
torso and did not appear to be in the dumpster. "Jesus!
It's like the last one, from 4 months ago. I think we have
a serial killer Todd", exclaimed Jack. He knew he was
probably 3 shades of white turning to green, so he turned
away from the dumpster and lit a cigarette, inhaling deeply.
After taking a few drags, he turned back to the dumpster to
examine the body more closely. Taking the flashlight, he
slowly cast the light at her feet, moving up the nude body,
stopping in the pubic area. "Well, whoever she was, she
was a brunette" Jack said. Moving on up to her breasts,
Jack stopped cold, the blood draining completely from his
face, his hands beginning to shake. "Oh my god!"..........