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2002-12-20 20:28:53 (UTC)

Mon dieu!

Katie was 17 years old. She had wavy auburn hair, down to the
middle of her back, and the softest, biggest, most gorgeous hazel
eyes you'd ever seen. She wasn't very tall, only around 5'5", but
she had the most beautiful curves, yet she was still slim, with a
flat tummy and slim legs. Her breasts were a 34 C, one of her
favourite assets to show off, because everyone noticed... and she
definitely liked it that way.

It was a Saturday, around 11:30am when Katie awoke in her warm bed,
to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. She immediately smiled, and
rose out of her bed, wearing only a skimpy, cream coloured, silk
lengerie. She reached over to her nightstand, opened a drawer and
pulled out her baby blue, calf-length satin robe, and tied it up in
a little bow. She went downstairs, and her parents were sitting
there, nibbling at their toast and drinking the coffee.
She poured herself a cup, feeling as if her parents weren't paying
any attention to her existance. Once she was done, she went back
upstairs, and sipped her fresh coffee, sitting on her bed.

Suddenly, the phone wrang. She decided to pick it up on the second
ring. "Hello?" she answered. "Hey baby" said the male voice on the
other end. "Mmm... I was just thinking about you, Josh" Katie said
in a deep, sexy voice. "Oh yeah? And what were you thinking about?"
he asked. Josh was Katie's fling. They hadn't seen eachother since
last summer, and this was the first time they'd talked in months.
"I was thinking about how much I've missed you" said Katie as she
sighed. "It's been long babe, but I'm here now... and there's
nothing you can do about it." said Josh. "No, I guess I'm stuck with
you all summer, again!" Katie giggled. "Mmm... ouch" said Josh in a
sarcastic voice. "Want to get together today?" he then asked. "Um...
yeah, I guess. I've got to shower and things before hand... if
that's alright" replied Katie. "Yeah sure. Call me back when you're
done, and we'll get together and plan something... fun" Josh said.
Katie felt a wave of nervousness climb over her body, feeling the
butterflies flitting around in her tummy. "Uh, yeah. Alright. Talk
to you in a bit" said Katie. "Bye sexy" said Josh, before hanging
Katie hung up the phone and sighed to herself as she thought of
what had happened last summer. She and Josh met at a party, which
she wasn't supposed to go to. He was originally her friends date,
but she ended up getting drunk and throwing up all over the place,
and then passing out on the floor. So Katie decided she'd try to
snag Josh, since he didn't have a date anymore. They flirted all
night, and got comfortably drunk together, letting the wave of
horniness hit them. They went onto the dance floor, and Josh pulled
her so close, she could feel his cock grow hard under his pants.
She arched her back, and slowly grinded her pelvis into his, moaning
softly at the feel of the sudden wetness in her black lacey thong,
under her little red, halter dress. He grabbed her by the waist,
grinding himself against her, harder and harder. Katie started to
nibble her lower lip as she reached around and dug her nails deep
into his back. Josh let out this deep, sexy moan that sent shivers
through her body. "Wanna go upstairs?" Josh asked, in a whisper.
"Mmmm, would I ever" Katie giggled. She grabbed his hand and led
him off the dancefloor, through the living room and up the staircase
where someone else was passed out with a bottle of Smirnoff beside
As soon as they got to the bedroom, Katie slammed the door shut and
pushed Josh down onto the bed. "Ooo, I like a girl who knows what
she wants" growled Josh. Katie just smiled, as she undid her red
halter dress, and let it slip to the floor, revealing her bare
breasts, and lacy thong. She started running her hands all over her
body, tantalizing her nipples with her index fingers, making them
harden like little pebbles. Josh couldn't keep his eyes from staring
at her beautiful body, and he especially couldn't keep his cock from
growing harder than ever before. Katie ran her hands down her
stomach, her nails slightly digging into her own skin, and slowly
began to take off her thong, letting it fall to her feet and then
kicking it away as if she wanted nothing more to do with it. And to
tell the truth, she didn't. She slowly crawled onto the bed, as Josh
quickly took off his shirt. She leaned over and kissed him hard,
pushing her tongue through his sweet lips, and letting their tongues
meet, massaging and tangling with eachother. Josh reached down and
started to play with her swollen breasts, as she moaned softly in
his mouth. She started kissing softly down his neck, then down onto
his collar bone, and felt him take in a deep breath. She ran her
lips down towards his right left nipple and started flicking it with
her moist tongue. Josh smiled a little as he moaned softly, letting
her know just how much he liked it.
Katie stopped for a minute as she undid Josh's belt, and his pants,
revealing black silk boxers, and a nice stiff cock to go with them.
(To be continued...)