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2001-09-01 03:22:29 (UTC)

Off My Chest

Ok, enough of this. It's the 3rd time I've had Brittany
kall me and ask if I'm bi. Urgh, it's annoying. Yes, I'm
bi. No, it's none of her, or Linnett's, buisness.
Everyday at school, I walk past Linnett and she starts
saying the tune to *N Sync's "Bye,Bye,Bye" but
meaning "Bi,Bi,Bi." Raaaaaather annoying. Well, one day,
Brittany saw her do it and saw me get pissed. So she walked
up to me and goes, "You're bi?" I just stared at her then
walked off. Then, Linnett did it again today, and Brittany
asked Linnett for my number.
So, at 7:37 PM I get a call from Brittany, "Hey, Hope! Are
you really bi-sexual?" I hung up.
8:10 PM- "Hey Hope! Are you bi? C'mon man, tell me!" Again,
I hung up.
11:01 PM- "Hope, tell me u bitch!" And again, I hang up.
Why does it matter to her than I like girls as well as
guys? I dun like her so why should SHE care? I mean...Ugh!
It's friggin annoying!

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