punk girl, interrupted
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2002-12-20 16:51:03 (UTC)

december 20th 2002

i am so happy..last day b4 school bra8k and im feelin
pretty damn good today. i binged last nigth and took 7 im still 125 lbs..yes, i have finally lost
the first 5 lbs. its so funny..the librarian just
rwememebred i came in here lookin for ed books..she just
handed me a new one they got..lil does she know i use them
for tips..haha.
ugh its startin to feel like xmas..great i totally hate it.
im just gonna sleep on xmas all festive as that is
hahahahahah. i live on my own with my bro and my rents are not comin
to see me so..whats the point of celebrating some stupid day . i hate
anything traditionla or conformist anyway..
i miss all my buds so much..especially steve..because i know hes not
doing the greatest lately. poor sweety. i have a fedex package to
pick up all excited i cant imagine who its from!
the school newspaper wrote this article abotu these grls who dress
skanky..i was badmouthing it saying ppl should dress how they wanna
w/o having to worry about what other ppl will say..they were like
praising me when i said it (lil did i know they had a locker beside
mje hahaha). i can relate tho..b/c i get shunned for dressing
punk..especially by guys noone wants a grl who dresses like they do.
anyhoo, nuff for now.

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