brand says........
2001-09-01 02:33:49 (UTC)

charcoal pencils and all the rest

yeah so this is the start of something
yeah.friday night 10:26 in the pm of my world and nothing
to do so I though what the hell I'll just start an online
diary thing a this is where it all begins.I tryed
many others which were or could have been better but they
were too full or were too slow so this is the grand one I
have choosen to post my thoughts and others useless
ramblings.okay now here they come......
keith was supposed to be here but thats okay it's
late and I saw him a few hours or so ago.I love him
lots!I'm glad school is over for this week!I got sick
yesturday and left after keyboarding....that class is hell
and the teacher has got to be in on something with the
devil.we can't look at the keyboard and everytime I forgot
and look I'm afraid I'll be thrown into the burning ring of
fire.....and go down down down....LOL.Lets all break out
into song!ha!My hair is all sticky and stuff and it sucks's a weird ugly will grown in though so
thats well I'm not dwelling on it.I think I am going to
like this journal thing.I keep one of my own but it doesn't
get used to often just for poetry and me bitching when I'm
pissed or extremly unhappy and would rather not anyone else
know.I have a problem with not telling people when
something bothers me.I mean I give people advice but I
never take any from them.I would be better off doing that
but oh well....all well that ends well.about the tittle of
this first entry...well I have been pissing around with my
sisters charcoal pencils,they are really messy things to
draw with.I made a picture with keiths name in block lettes
with a pet snake chained to the h in his name.somewhat
cuteness!all this typing is making my arms ache...i'm such
a wimp...bye for now.