boys and genes
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2002-12-20 15:43:19 (UTC)


So, i have been home for 2 days sick, and it sucks, I am
soooo bored. Since I am sick today I can't go to the
Rachael's party tonight, oh well, brenda isn't going to be
there anyway, lol. Me and Brenda have made new names for
all of the guys,to many people have known, so we had to
change a lot. Now the names are car names.

Mustang~ Brandon, the guy that Brenda likes. He sooo likes
her, he is just shy and he is in denial about it! He is hot
too, oh and Jessica used to like him, she might still

Dodge~ This really hot junior named Brandon(It must be
something about Brandons...) who is my bro's friend, so he
is over at my house a lot. We take him home after track

Lexus~ This hot guy named Dan, he is really ignorant
though, at least he used to be until my brother yelled at

Viper~ Mike, a hot freshman who everyone thinks is hot.

Jaguar~ Dan, this freshman who used to be hot, but is now
just cute.

Chevy~ Jill's number 2, but I can't speak the name or I
will have my head cute off.

Corvett~ Jason, Brenda thinks he likes me, but I dunno, no
one likes him though, he is weird!!! (Chris and him always
stretch near me and Brenda, interesting......)

EJ~ He is soooo hot, he will always be on the list, his
name is Edward.

Joe~ Ummm, he is not as hot as he used to be, Brenda ruined
it for me, but he is just Joe.

Well, that is it for now, I think. Well, bye! Love, ~Kristin

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