Green Leef Turning Gold
2001-09-01 02:20:31 (UTC)


***note...OMG stands for OH MY GOSHEEDAH!***...uh don't ask...

I just gotta say wow, I have neglected the diary a bit the
last couple days, and I am sorry cos apparently quite a few
people are actually reading it! Much to my shock and
suprise, hey thank you all for listening to my whining and are so great, allthough I am disappointed I
didn't get any hate mail...but I have only offended the
christians so far gimme time...just kidding! I don't really
want to offend anyone, but I do have a big mouth, so its
bound to happen eventually and for that I apologize in

And thanks to those of you who gave kind words too, I have
a really weird and complicated life, but I am dealing.
Lately, I have found a new way to deal. I have been
spending most of my free time on abortion healing sites. I
don't care if the woman is religious or not. I just want to
lend an ear and hopefully someone will have a better day
cos I listened. I have done a lil peer counseling in the
past with abused teens but I really feel now I am making a
lil difference. And that makes me feel good.

These women are hurting and it makes me so mad when all
many people do is throw their bibles in their faces, I
suppose thats the modern version of stoning. There is this
one girl, she had an abortion and a week later was brutally
raped. And all these so called *good christian* "people"
could do was to spam her hate mail saying she got what she
deserved! Can you believe that?! What the h3ll is wrong
with people? Ok for all the people out there who still
believe in what the bible has to say as these "people" (I
really just call them "people" cos gee I dun wanna drop to
their level and call them monsters.) What I want to remind
them, is I happen to know even tho its worded differently
depending on what bible you got, it clearly states "JUDGE
NOT, LEST YE BE JUDGED!" whatever happened to that or has
the standard of spiritual consciousness dropped sooo low
for you that you cannot even remember what it says in your
own bible.

*stepping off the soap box*

K, well thats what I have been doing aside from dealing
with various computer problems/car problems the past two
weeks. As far as my home life, I say, to my son, wanna go
to the potty and he says "NO!" sooo we're kinda working on
that *grin*. And bf seems to have pulled his head out of
his butt for the moment so I will try and see what happens
with that. Btw I have been reading alot of the diaries on
here, and enjoying them. Thanks to you who have read mine,
and to the person, who shall remain nameless who suggested
I read his(I am assuming from your name you're a guy) I've
already read your diary. Keep posting! :) Thanks again for
all the cool messages. They really brightened my day!

Hopefully tomorrow I will actually have something
interesting to say...sorry if this entry was boring!
Goodnight Orson!