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2001-09-01 02:12:59 (UTC)

Poopy Friday`

Here I am again sitting at this computer. Blah. It's friday and hubby did the deed already. He is downstairs
watchin tv. Today was hard for me to stay awake at work. I
havent been getting enough sleep. the supervisor called me
today and told me i need to dress up more for work per
Sharon. Fuck that! None of the other managers do! I dont
even have that many dress clothes. Oh mom and dad started
talking to me again..big surprise. Grampa had a heart
attack but they did a bypass surgery and he is ok now. My
bro is always poopy..he acts like he is so much better than
everyone else and that he knows more. Every time we ask him
if he has seen a movie or heard a cd he is always
like "they suck". He is this age we should be
bonding, ya know. Does anyone else's brother act this way?
People at work are so annoying it is unbelievable. Too
much lesbian drama!!!!! I'm tired of hiring and firing! Why
cant anyone just work? It seems like my generation are the
last ones that want to work for our girl asked
me if she could watch movies at work..HELL NO..she said oh
i thought this job was fun. whatever what a lazy ass!!!!!!!
Well i have a long weekend ..Labor Day.yay!