jon's babie forever
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2001-09-01 01:53:59 (UTC)


I went to church Wednesday night. That's when we spend our
time in our small groups, which we call our "Platoons". I
had a wonderful time, and somehow we ended early.

I was with Leslie and we were outside talking. Jon walked
by and I was going to say hi but I stopped myself... he
didn't seem like him. It seemed as if something was
bothering him. He seemed okay when he was with people, but
when he was alone he seemed down. I left him alone because
I didn't want to bother him.

Later on, I found Shanna talking with another guy after Jon
had gone home (which was early in the first place). I didn't
really think much of any of this until my friend Danielle
asked me about him. I realized that something could have been
wrong... and it could have been between him and Shanna.
Danielle agreed with me, and so tomorrow when I see him at
Summer's End I'll ask him how everything is and, you know,
make sure he knows he can talk to me if he needs someone to
talk to, even though he doesn't know me all too well.
So... here I go.

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