champagne supernova
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2002-12-20 12:20:03 (UTC)

we have a date tonite...

im here.... finally im here.. in virginia... wow its
amazing. things have changed so much i cant even begin to
tell u. and no matter what he says..he looked damn sexy in
that airport last nite..*chills* im serious.. he was all
dressed pants.. grey sweater... black shoes...
and god... he freakin got taller..*groans* hes like ..what
like...6"3 now.. but it works for tall boy.. lol
and to top it off.. he was holding 6 red roses...*sigh*
made me feel special. that was the first time i had ever
gotten flowers from him..and im going to like dry one of
them out and out it osmewhere to keep. ugg,,,it was so
great ..long flight.. but oh so worth it.and im a bit
sick.. but thats ok. im still on california time.. and to
me right now it seems as if it is 4:17 am..... lordy. god i
havent even been here for 24 hours and i miss him
already .. (he had to go to school today ...half
day ..thank god) so he'll be back at 12:30 ...YEAAA!!! hes
so great . god i love him. my first nite here was......
interesting... we'll leave it at that. so tonite i htink
were going out. he wanted to go catch a movie or something.
so i htink were going to go do that . and ill probably end
up seeingh amanda today somehow... auh,.. i could care less
about her right now. im just really tryingt o soak up the
time bobby and i have together this break. im meeting his
dad on the 26...lil nervous . but nothing that a "bear
hug" cant ask .. so im here! if any of u
need to emial me.. do it on my e-mail addy.. i can check it
from here.. so ill see u guys in 13 days... have fun and
wit; yo' bad self' better start warming up those
vocals.. ash...u kick so much boo-tay.. satine.. u too.!!
everyone!! go u all! cant wait to have u back in my makeup
chair again! love u guys!! beybye!
*so in love*

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