Sweetly Passionate
2001-09-01 01:48:58 (UTC)

God has sent an angel

wow! most deep most breathtaking conversation that i have
ever had with a guy in my whole life was tonight, i mean it
was sooo unimaginable all the things he said to me, and it
wasnt that like usual sweet talk and actually it had no
point in trying to get with me instead i asked for advice
on a relationship i have been having with his younger
brother, and he gave me the best advice ever, i mean he
totally thinks like a gentleman. but it figures i suppose
when your 21 you know a lotta shit right?
He told me all about his relationships and how he
treats his gurlfriends with respect and equality, and when
he takes gurls out on dates hes not the type that is
looking for sex or play, but instead wants to have deep
conversation and all in all just a companion to share his
thoughts and secrets with, i mean hell yeah i can be a
total bad judge in character, like extremely horrible, but
i somehow know he is being totally sincere with me. Ahh im
just sitting here now letting all this sink in.....