I Snuck A Retard Into A Sperm Bank
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2002-12-20 10:27:21 (UTC)

First entry!

I've just completed setting up my journal. I can't help but to feel self-absorbed and lame typing a journal, but maybe it will go away one day..Calvin you fucking loser, come on buddy; what are you thinking? Oh well, I don't really care much about this. I'm a sad, sad, person. Looking at other people's journals, I don't think the things I think about myself about them so ...maybe i'm just weird.

Will anyone read this? Probably not... why would they? I'm not interesting in any way. And to think keeping a journal is supposed to be theraputic. Anyway, in case someone does in fact read this, I'll describe myself... I'm 22, male, and i'm a computer programmer that enjoys intentionally cutting myself with knives and I really couldn't care less if I were to die. My musical preferences are: hardcore metal, industrial, and rock. Oh yeah, and I reeaaaaaally hate comedy movies.....I bet you really feel compelled to read my journal now lol......Well if I didn't scare you (the reader) away, then I suppose you're a better person than most. My name is Calvin and I hope you like reading my journal.