Fallen from grace

One day at a time...
2001-09-01 01:19:40 (UTC)

it's all so clear...

Everything. I went in the backyard with my discman playing
slow songs by Dream. Barefeet in the wet grass. I warmed
up with old things we did at the barre in ballet followed
by leaps and jumps and a dance thru of my beam routine.
Then I listened to "How long till I meet my angel" or
whatever it's called and walked up and down the driveway.
Everything's so clear now. It's really amazing what wet
feet, good music and dance can do for the soul.
State fair was awesome. We talked to Jake after his Art's
In performance. He wanted to kill Ben but couldn't find
him so he didn't. Andi and I learned how to walk like
models (then we taught Jamie and Brittany) then Jamie and I
taught Andi and Brittany the Jitterbug in the middle of the
road by the K108 booth. So much stuff happened I couldn't
write it all if I tried. I just realized that Ben never
got to go down the big yellow (and green!) slide. Oh
well. Luke would have laughed at him. He's rather rude
and really really likes to brag. About everything. But he
was actually okay on the bus ride home because of the
brilliant idea Jamie and I had. :) That was one of the
best parts. Well, I think I'm going to go have supper:
Canadian bacon pizza and a root beer float after Erik's
show is over so I can find something to watch and then I'll
probably go read Proverbs from the Bible. I know I'm
reading Genesis, but that's on Sundays. Or maybe I'll re-
read my Lori Wick book...that's a really good idea! I
think I'll do that. I wonder if Jordan will want to go to
church with us. She won't be able to take communion
because she's not Catholic, but...I don't know. She
probably won't because nobody my age ever wants to go to
church (except me as of recently) but if we don't then I'll
just have my own little prayer service after listening from
Straight From the Heart on KROC and follow it up by
spending the day reading my Lori Wick book. Well, Nate
wants to check his email and the pizza's done so I'm done.