ramblings of a madwoman
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2002-12-20 06:34:08 (UTC)

Your time will come...

I just wish I knew when mine would...

I feel old these days. Not in the mature sense, however. My
body feels rediculously old as I fight off minor sickness
and my own fatigue. I'm so sick of school and work. I need
a rest so very much. I get such awful headaches and
backaches. At least I've got a nice enough boyfriend who
gives me shoulder rubs when I need it. (Or rather demand
them.. hehehe)

So it's less than a week until Christmas now! Excitement,
anyone? It just doesn't feel very seasonal around here
despite the decorations. I'm not sure what's missing... I
got all of my shopping done last sunday and I'm damn glad
about that. I got people some pretty kickass gifts, here's
hoping I get cool shit too. Isn't that so fucking shallow?
I love presents. Mwhahaha I am a paragon of consumerism!

Ohhhhhhhh child.

(above sentance to be spoken with the voice of Oprah/Aunt

I think Oprah and Aunt Jemima are the same person. I never
see them in the same room together. DO YOU??? frankly, I'm
a little bit suspicious. That's just too coincidental for
my liking.

I hate malls. I hate huge crowds of people in malls. I hate
people who walk slowly through malls. That's all about that.

Okay... so... me... What's up with me? Nothing much I
suppose. I'm doing pretty much the same shit as usual. Same
shit, same piles too. Work is the same as it always is,
it's just much colder than before. Sub Zero temperatures
suck a lot.
I still volunteer every thursday at Planned Parenthood and
I'm getting to enjoy that a lot more.

Hmm... I'm not very much into writing really personal
things here it seems. It's just that I don't want to.. I
dunno... embarass other people involved in my life. Uhh...


Have a good one.

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