Hil's Peachy Diary!!
2001-09-01 00:50:06 (UTC)

Halley was fun!!

Dear Diary,
Today was actually one of my entertaining days besides
the fact that kristina has been away all day:-(. I went to
the mall w/ my pal, Halley. We went to Filene's for that
shirt that I have been dying 2 get but I realized it was 2
small and not as great as I thought it wsa, 2 bad!!
Anyways, we went to the food court and we had cajun food
and we saw a girl from camp w/ some of her friends and my
sis decided to stalk her online the following night until
Kit(the girl from camp) saw her but didn't say "hello".
Anways, we went to The Gap and Halley got some lotion but
I didn't get anything. We went to Sam Goody which is a
really cooooool store but I decided that I would get the CD
I am dying 2 get another time cuz i wasn't in the mood.
Then we went to After Thoughts which was soooooo sooooo
sooooo much fun because they had the 10 for 5$ deal so I
got 4 things for my sis (a fake earing thing, a necklace,
and 2 rings) and the rest for me (2 pairs of earings but
one broke , a notebook which was so cooool, 2
necklaces, and a picture frame), it was very fun, then
after that we realized we had another 1/2 hour at the mall
but my mom said that if we wanted to leave earlier we could
call her cell phone which we did and then we went home.
Halley stayed for a while and we went online and talked to
far out funky dawgs for a while but then she had 2 go home
:-(. Anyways, after that, I talked to Micheal and Bruce for
a while which was quite fun but i think i scared them by
telling them i was on drugs, i was just kidding, hehe!! and
then we had a yummy dinner and went 2 staples where we
bought stuff for my room and amy's (my sis) room!! It was
lots of fun and now I am here. yep, yep, yep!!!!
Lata Babe,