This is my life... welcome to it
2002-12-20 05:55:37 (UTC)

Time passes... people change

Well, I just got shot down pretty much... I read
Kristin's diary, she's going out with some guy named Scott
now... I've really liked her a lot, hell, she's the one who
really brought up my spirit awhile ago. Then she got
grounded, and I guess we just grew apart. Given we've
never met in real life, but still.... I felt I knew her, I
thought she knew me. I cant stop her though, its who she
is, how she wants to lead her life... She's been pushing me
away lately, ever since she started cutting herself. I
hope she stops soon, really not that healthy, but again, I
cant stop her, and if she doesnt want to listen to me and
my rantings about it, then I wont tell her my rantings.

Well, my sister came and stayed with us for the weekend 2
weeks ago. We started talking around the dinner table, and
I talked about self-esteam and how mom and dad break it
down. They've stopped doing that, and kinda just let me do
my thing.

I cant wait till Winter Break, I'll be able to relax and
not deal with school. Be able to kick back with my friends
and just hang out. Do whatever, and Christmas, spend time
with my family... but I need to find something to get for
my mom and dad... Oh well, I'll find something this
weekend :)