Anand Bose

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2002-12-20 05:19:33 (UTC)

Dream 21/12/2002

Saw a dreeam today :

Was feeding Gammadion my Dog ans seeing him wallop

chunks of meat and bone;

Heard the knock on the door!

Saw a freind of mine who plays

the flute and an unknown stranger

who I am unable to identify----

I am sure its connected to

my work and I interpret

dog as me in labour

enjoying the chunks

of the raw;

The flutist is

one of my favourate


the syrinx one!

Is peter pan or

Pan peter

the answer is

laughable as

fargrant slip

on- you know those

things which


the curve

of the living


Its more

than too

the aestthetic element

of all my passion possession and work

the hidden human is an area

of my subconscious

which is in


with the archetypal world

and with which I will have

to bring the unsloved

part of my work

its also an area where

I have to trust

more ...

to be open

to the stranger

is to proceed

in the detection

of the unknown part

of the known;

of course there's

has to be a conscious


of pure



ha ha ha