Exposing My Dystopia
2002-12-20 03:36:49 (UTC)

my tummi hurtz...

i have sum kinda stomach bug, and i dont like it much at
all. i havent eaten and i feel miserable. chubbz and i went
nailpolish shopping yesterday, cause ive wanted pink
nailpolish for a while and with everything thats going on
lately i jus didnt have the chance to pick it up. anywayz,
i couldnt decide on a color so he bought me 3 different
pinks. hm, lets see... last friday, which was
conincidenally friday the 13th, my sister that was due on
christmas lost her baby, and my dad had a heart attack. so
i suppose i should be glad that it's just my tummi thats
bothering me. i know nobuddi reads this journal, i dont kno
why i bother to write. i dont even write very often. i
havent seen ian for a littl while, i wish hed make more of
an effort to come see me. last weekend we had a great party
at kristy house. her parents were away for the nite and so
we had a bunch of people over. lately whenever i drink, i
alwayz seem to drink too much. kristy and i split a 12 pack
of smirnoff ice between us, i had dave convinced that since
our hats matched that he had to share his beer with me. i
met this kute boi named gillis, he gave me pez and looked
at my drawings with me n he wuz jus sweet. kristy and
elliot and i cooked breakfast for everybuddi in the morning
when i got back from josh's. the food wasnt veri good, but
that wuz ok... we had fun. im gonna go finish watching
bambi and then go to sleep. bai.