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2001-08-31 23:56:11 (UTC)


I cant believe it. summer is over in....62 hours and 18
minutes. crappy, shitty lame-O deal. i really am not
looking forward to school. i just hope i have some classes
with "ed"( i wont use his real name out of fear he reads
this). i really like that guy, but im so sure i have no
chance. hes way too good for me. well hes not but i think
he thinks he is.and i cant tell my friends because ive just
never been one to tell all my crushes to ppl. its retarded.
i guess i should tell a little about myself before i get
into crazy issues. im almost 16, counting down the days! im
starting grade 11, i have a bro, and a sis and i live with
my mom. but neways back to ed. i spent a ton of time with
him this summer even though i dont know him that well.
crazy rehersals.but i should just stop dreaming and get
back to reality. i mean i should just forget about him but
i cant. i mean hes GORGEOUS. like prince william gorgeous.
he has this fantastic hockey hair. i love his hair. all
messy and blond. i think he looks like nick carter and
prince will. i dont really thik that the backstreet kid is
good looking but ed just has this way about him that makes
me crazy. ack! must stop! so anyways school. three days.
sadness. im happy to go back but in a week ill be missing
my summer. i just hope i know ppl in my classes. it makes
me crazy to think i wont have any classes with jenn. ill
die. meh! now ill just hafta meet many hot boys in my
classes. ok i gotta go because now i hafta eat something
before i pass out
luv ~~Sarah~~