2002-12-20 01:44:38 (UTC)

do u think im stupid

i think about the idea of marrying for money ..i used to be like no i
wouldnt do that but what if there was like this total user person who
fucks a whole bunch of girls and then lies about it like most guys
and then pretends to cry to make a girl feel sorry for him and
meanwhile theres this one girl who he made this promise that they
will cheat even when they are married and its like hes the man
with the money so you're my bitch and u have to accept it because
u are desperate. well i dont really accept this ..i mean u can call
me a feminist or maybe just not stupid but id rather be with
someone who maybe has less money but will treat me with the
respect i not gonna settle for less and i guess i look at
it now the guy deserves someone to marry him just to divorce him
and take his money,,so maybe thats what ill do ill just pretend to be
cool with it and go along with his shovenist plan and then one day
just get a divorce and find a guy that actually respects me and give him all the
money i stole from this asshole afther the divorce.and if this guy ever
cheats on me when i actually get married i will divorce him so fucking fast and
take all i can get. so now u know . any guy out there attempting to try to fuck
me over can kiss my pretty ass cuz i will divorce u even with a prenup ill still
divorce u so u make the or her or her or her..i will divorce
fuckin joke..every girl deserves a guy who loves her and only her not
3465377 other people ..i can find someone else for not even sure why
u want me im a bitch..u fucked up my life u can leave me alone now..i am
going back to college and getting a real life and settling down i dont need to
beg someone i can do it on my own u dont make me happy u make me cry a
real friend wooulndt do leave me the fuck alone i dont want to hear
your voice or hear about your conquests .i m so glad u scored now leave me
the hell alone