Sullen Girl

A Bird Upon the Wind
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2001-08-31 23:04:58 (UTC)

A New Day

So I was feeling pretty crummy last night, and I finally
went and took a bath to cry in there. But today was a new
day, and while I had a rough day with a few kids at work, I
am ready to relax and get wasted. I need some damn pot. Yes
I smoke weed, and I don't care who reads this. I just need
pot. That would definately make me feel better. But my
brothers back at school and he is the one who usually gets
me dank nugs. None of my friends up here smoke, or if they
do not enough to buy it, but I do and I want some. At
school, there is never a shortage. I miss school. But lets
not go there.
So anyways, Jake wrote me back this bullshit email,
completely absent of mentioning why he cant email me. And
this time he didnt say I love you. He always does. I think
he is trying to get over me. Which I dont blame him. See
what you have to understand is, while he did some shitty
things to me in the past, the boy is so in love with me,
more with me than I am in him. He still wants to marry me.
But maybe since I told him I want to see other people while
I am gone he is going to take this time to get over me. Out
of sight of mind, right? I dont know how I feel about this.
But its time for dinner. Dad made steaks, mmmm. Atleast I
get fed(sometimes) at home, even if I have no room or lamp
(wink, wink Silence=)).

Later much!!!