pollen makes me sneeze
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2001-08-31 22:39:37 (UTC)

msn & more

good GOD i REALLY REALLY WISH people i don't know whould
stop putting me on their msn lists!!! then when they're
online and i ask who the hell they are, THEY say who the
hell are you, how did you get my e-mail address and why did
you put me on your msn list, you bitch??
it's come to the point where i'm not even bothering signing
in anymore.
oh! and i can't believe i forgot to mention this last entry-
-vivian had her baby last friday on brigidine day. we went
as saw him last week-- it is a him and they called him
angus [?????]. it wouldn't be my first choice of name but
whatever, he's sort of darkish with grey eyes which looks
wierd but sort of makes sense what with viv being
aboriginal/austrian and julian being irish. or whatever
nationality he is.
it's nice having a baby in the family again even if it is
only another second cousin. i'm guessing de'arne and kyle
are spending a lot of time over at uncle alex's and auntie
lan's while viv and julian take care him.
blah blah. i betta get moving....