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2002-12-20 00:34:11 (UTC)

Great Expectations

Ben is coming home tomorrow!!
*big smile*
His plane arrives at 6:55 pm, and I'm planning on meeting
him at the airport. I've been home since Tuesday night.By
the way, yesterday (Wednesday)was my birthday.. Happy
birthday sweet 19.. ;)
Well, anyways. Our airport is like a twenty minute drive
from where I live. I came up with the idea of meeting him
at the airport with out him knowing about it yesterday.
Like a surprise. But when I talked to him on the phone
today, he told me that his parents were picking him up at
the airport. Normally he takes the bus to town where he
meets me and then his parents pick us up there, but this
time they were planning on picking him up at the airport. I
thought it would be kind of weird if I showed up as well,
so I decided not to and told him about my plans. He was
like OH NO, that would have been so great! That would have
made me really happy and taken me by a total surprise. He
told me that every time he gets off the plane he sees
people waiting for their friends and relatives and he kind
of hopes that someone's waiting for him as well, even
though he knows they're going to pick him up in town. So it
kind of sucked that my plans got spoilt. At first we
decided that his parents were going to pick him up at the
airport and then pick me up at home, but then he realized
that would mean that his parents would be there when we
first meet again. And I mind you, we haven't seen each
other in 5 weeks. And there's a saying; to realize the
value of an hour, ask the lovers who are waiting to meet.
And I'm telling you, to realize the value of a year, ask
the lovers who are separated for a year against their own
will, and to realize the value of five weeks, an extra day,
minute or second or all of the above, ask ME! *laughs*
Well, back to my story. He realized that the great reunion
would be in front of his parents and perhaps even his
siblings, so he decided to take the bus to town and meet me
after all. I'm supposed to meet him where he gets off the
bus and then he'll call his parents who'll us up. This is
where he's wrong.. cause I've decided to go meet him at the
airport after all. Isn't that kind of cute? Cause I know
that when he gets off that plane, he's gonna wish I was
there and maybe he still has a little hope.. and I'm not
going to disappoint my baby ;)
But I want it to be a surprise too.. even though I told him
that I was thinking about it. So now I have to make him
believe that I'm not going to the airport.. *laughs*
So when he calls me tomorrow, I'm gonna talk about how I'm
looking forward to him getting off the bus and me running
into his arms. Hehe.. Funny.

Everytime he's going home something goes wrong. The first
time he was supposed to go home Friday, but the planes were
all booked, so he had to wait till Saturday. And last time
his plane got cancelled, I had to wait alone for two hours
in the middle of the night and he didn't get home till the
next evening. So I hope nothing goes wrong this time. My
father says the wind is really high where Ben is, and I
swear, if his plane can't take off, I'm going to freak out.
AHHH! So hopefully that won't happen :) I'll write some day
soon and tell you how everything went.
Can't wait to see my baby! :)

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