My Life
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2002-12-20 00:27:24 (UTC)


I just got off the phone with the one and only girl that I
ever cared about.Everything we did together was just an
experment to her but it wasn't to me.I don't talk
to her much anymore.It's not that I hate her or that I'm
trying to be mean or anything it's just that I had feeling for her
and I still do.It bothers me knowing that she never really cared
about me in that way but I guess I'll have to deal with it because it
will never happen.Yes,I'm bisexual just in case everyone is
wondering.A lot of people is like you only care about her because she
was the 1st girl I was ever with but she wasn't.I would tell her how
I feel but I don't want her to stop being me best friend
because I have feelings for her.People has asked me if I
would ever take it back.I'm like yes because she was my
best friend and I'm not suppose to have feeling like that
for her,but no because I had some great times with her.I
don't know.I just hope I get over it soon.

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