My Life
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2002-12-20 00:07:50 (UTC)

The last two months has been..

The last two months has been really weird.November I moved
back to my moms and got hooked up with this guy named
Ryan.I was with him for 2-3 week than found out that he got
back with his ex because she was pregnant with his
baby.While I was with him one of his friends kept coming to
the house telling me that if I gave him one chance that I
would never have to worry about giving another chance
again.One night me,mom,my sister and this MS all got into
an argument so he didn't talked to us for awhile.A couple
days later he came back and talked to my sister and he said
that he didn't ever want to talk to me and my mom again so
I started talking to his cousin,RBS.Right now my month has been
better.I got hooked up with his cousin.He is so sweet.He
tickles me all the time because he he said he loves seeing
me laugh.I don't get to see him much because he works alot
but he is one of those guys that I rather waite to see him
than not beable to see him at all.Yeah,I still cry over
Ryan a lot but he completly understand.

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