Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
2002-12-20 00:04:44 (UTC)

Charles, the lone boy...

Yeah hi, sorry I've been out taking care of some
things at the house. My great friend Jaron is back in town
again. I can't wait to see him again. I finished my final
exams today.... now it's Christmas break :) I've been going
into one of my thoughts lately again too. ::sighs:: I'm
feeling a bit... lonely. The strange thing is that I WANT
to be alone rigt now, but then again, I don't.
It's a complicated feeling I know. I'm definitly
getting married one day, but if this keep up, what would my
wife say if I said Iwanted to be alone? Ah, she'd probably
be worried but I wouldn't know because I don't even know
who she is yet.... hahaha I guss that sounded weird :( But
still, I'm not gothic or a prep or what ever. I don't
classify people, I judge them by personality. I think
people who do call people names like that are s wrong in
their heads! Nothing personal though that's just me
talking. heheh. Well, I'll come back another time. I'll be
seeing you ;)