Queen Bee

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2002-12-19 23:36:32 (UTC)


Yesterday, i finally got to see my best friend, after like
months of not seeing her, which was actually quite nice but
wasnt nice is that in order to do so, i had to have an hour
long fight with my fiance because he doenst want me to see
her although he said before he didnt care if me and her
hung out (although if it wasnt okay i would still see her)
but then he all of a sudden started talking about how he
didnt like her and all that and so we got into this big
fight and i yelled at him that he wasnt my father and that
he couldnt control who i saw or what i did. and I walked
out but he caught up with me and offered to walk with me to
her house, which kinda surprised me but yeah so ysterday
was a colorful day but i am just getting a little tired of
feeling like everything is being controlled by him, he may
not mean to do it but thats how it feels. its like i can do
what i want as long as it doesnt upset him in any way, or
as long as hes happy its all fine and dandy. and im not
trying to talk bad about him because i love him. I really
do, i love him so much and i couldnt stand to be without
him but hes making it a little difficult right now. and i
so really badly need to talk to him about it, i guess we
were suppose to talk yesterday when i got home but he
forgot and so did I. but what really urked me was, i was
taling to mel at the time we were fighting and he took the
phone and hung up on her and that pissed me off because i
have never done that to him even if it was one of those ex
bitches of his but he has done it to me a few times, thats
a little controlling, its like saying well since i dont
want you too and because i dont like her you cant talk to
her. I just really dont know what i am going to do.

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