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2002-12-19 23:17:54 (UTC)


Oh yeah in a skull cracking mood from something I just
heard. All I can say is Jana and Shannon are one step close
to driving me completely insane... Other news Sarahs one of
the most beautiful girls alive. God all I wanted to do in
Lord of the Rings2 was look at her.No movie could ever be
better then her so :p Coming from the kid who has seen "every movie".
It's only been what 2weeks and I think I'm the happies man alive Some
times I think I'm inlove with her but I'm not going to rush things.
How can one person be everything listener, beautiful, uderstanding
and really bright no matter what my sister says. Shes like an angel
in a cheerleading outfit. Even though all they do is warm up the
bench but I always no she warms the bench in my heart hahaha loven
those corn lines. Nothing could ever stop me from seeing her or
wanting to see her.I know I asked her for a picture that so I could
always see her face but I have things better then pictures memories
of her . Theres alot more I want to say but I know Sarah your going
to read my journal so :p I'm stopping there most likly if your on I'm
talking to you. So got any question you could A)Write a note B)Email
me C)Call me so I can hear ;) D)Just ask me online. Well peace out
I'm going to go now maybe listen to some music. Even talking about
Sarah makes me feel better then before

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