What'daya think of MY life?
2001-08-31 21:58:13 (UTC)

Boring, Regular, Day...

ACK! Today was so boring..I hate school...No air
conditioning and all that..It's SO
hot...Blehk...Anyway..Today Mrs. Hickman took a bajillion
years to let us outa school...Or at least is seemed like
it...I'm SO glad the weekend's here. I was about to die if i
hadda go to school again in that stoOpid heat..Ugh...It's
annoying. AND we get Monday off.....I wanna call Jenna and
ask if she wantsta come ova or spend the night ..But since
she's miss. "Soccer Girl" She has to go to the school pasta
feed with her team o_o Sounds interesting..That's at 7 so
maybe she can come ova afterwards..The Paige on her team
(Mah name is Paige) Is so preppy...Blondie..She likes
O-TOWN! They suck and...says Sum41 suck..That's so dumb..I
love Sum41..Anywayz..I think i'll go now..Dillon still hates
me..I don't care thoe..All he has to say is things that
don't make sense or things about me and Jenna.....BLEHK! I
hate him