Mr X

secrets of a sex mad teenager
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2001-08-31 21:48:19 (UTC)

Drinking coffee in Birmingham 2

Now I can finish of the previous entry. Now as I said
he was abit nervous but that was for the first 30 mins then
he got angrey going on bout how he is sick of being
bourgeois and having misdemeanours done against him! I
think he has swallowed a dictionary! He then went on how he
wishes to become something and get out of here. I didn't
realise he was so insecure and he has never thought bout
his future before. What onn earth has got in to him? I
cannot wait until tomorrow then I can hopefully find out
I'm very confused I just hope he isn't in trouble.
Dad is going out again!!! He has been out every night
with his gang of college students and stumbles in drunk I
hope this just a pharse because I am tired of being the
responsible one in this family I shall have a talk with him
before this goes out of hand.

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