Chapter One: The Evil Within
2001-08-31 21:46:17 (UTC)


I am so nervous, its odd, I am not like this, I normally
dont care! But ohh my God!! And I cant stop smiling! This
is not me, I am acting weird, but I am so happy! Oh man, I
just wish Matt was here for me to tell him, or another one
of my good friends, I still gotta take a bath! This is
going to be really weird, I mean, I barely know Chad, and I
feel like I have been best friends with him since I was
five! Wow, I dunno, there is alot going on, like so much I
could just start twitching, and break out in tears while
having a mental break down, but I am still so happy! Wow
this is weird! I mean have you ever seen me this happy?
Well of course you have...