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2001-08-31 21:43:59 (UTC)

Poor me but not poor me!!!!

I can't necisarioly say poor me but what I can say is that
I pic the wrong kind of men in my life. Jeff decided that
he wanted to accuse me of steeling his stuff. I wouldn't
ever do that. I don't steel from my friends. I'm not that
kind of person. So I told him until he believes me then I
wont talk to you unless I see you when I am on my run and I
will only say hi. I don't want to be accused falsely for
any reason. But then I have to guess this is a blessing in
disguies. The reason I say that is because I kept worring
about it and about the next day. Then I read my bible. And
in the "Sermon on the Mount" There was this passage that
said "Do not worry about tomarrow for tomarrow will take
care of itself." I just said "God are you trying to tell me
something here" Then I continued to read. Then After that I
asked God back into my heart and It renewed my faith. So
even though I lost a friend, I gained a savior, a friend, a
father, and a holy ghost. So Thank you Jeff. Because
without that false accuisation I wouldn't have found that I
to can be a good Christian again. (I know Jeff doesn't read
this but still you get the drift.)

So I am on this path that I don't want to trust any guys
right now. Nothing against them personally except for those
few. You know how they say "One Bad apple spoils the bunch"
that is how I feel right now. Maybe tomarrow I will have a
totally different view on this. But today that is how I