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2001-02-08 19:45:47 (UTC)

*Shanen* Wow I m home early..


Wow I'm home early today. I had an ortho. apt., ahh that
hurt like a b****. Yesterday I thought our school was going
to burn down, too bad it didn't. There is some soph. who
when I pretended to be someone named "Tina" at our school
online to him, and asked if he knew me and my 2friends
Marisa and Jessica, , and asked if he knew of us and if we
were friends, he said yes. How odd, none of us know a soph.
named Ed! ha...anyways, today I was looking through the
FTHS yearbook from last year and found the guy my bff Jess
has been talking about...Randy Lashaffe, b/c I was always
like..."Jess I'm your best friend and I still don't know
who this guy is!!" I almost screamed when I saw the
picture. It is that dirtbag loser that sits at the end of
my lunchtable trying to turn over the table and throws
stuff non stop!!! I am going to have to have a talk with
that girl...

Valentines Day is coming up...I have my valentine=)