The Daily Babble
2001-08-31 21:21:10 (UTC)

Late again

Well I know I haven't written in a while but I"ve been
busy. =-) Things have kind been a little crazy with work
and scheduling and whatnot. I haven't seen Jeff in a while
but I'm going down to his house today. Woohooo...I'm not
sure what we're doing tonite, but tomorrow we're going to
the Day Spa to get professional massages.....Its before the
long weekend and they're not letting Jeff out of work so
I'm waiting to drive over to his work! It should be an
interesting weekend...

So Kind of to break down, I haven't done much...I hung out
with Cathlin last week and we went shopping...I didn't get
anything but she got a lotta stuff...We talked to Jill that
nite and I feel semi bad cuz I said to her that I didn't
think she was being a great friend...I mean, this was the
first time I said anything to her......but its like..She's
never around and I almost feel like I don't have her as a
friend anymore! I hate feeling like that...
---- gotta go for now, will continue later!