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2001-08-31 21:09:07 (UTC)

What I would do

I dont think you understand how you make me feel. I guess
you dont feel the way I do. And you dont see in us what I
see. I'm so confused and I thought u felt the same... I
guess I was mistaken cuz I once AGAIN gave u my heart to
break. You dont understand how everything little thing you
say effects me. And changes me. I'd die for you and live
for you. I'd smile and laugh and cry for you. I'd do
anything for you... and I have. And you just seem to push
me away. I ate today. Every meal, even breakfast. for the
first time since.... forever. Because you cared. Or at
least I thought you did. It makes me ashamed to think that
I care so much... I just can't help it. But I'll smile as I
cry, because I'll be thinking about how happy you are going to
be, with her.