My Life Story
2001-08-31 20:21:59 (UTC)

My first time

Overall, today has been a pretty good day. I woke up
yesterday morning with a really bad cold and it's a little
worse today, but I haven't been letting that bother me. I
was very fortunate, and had nothing important to do in any
of my classes and I ended up with very little homework to
do over our 3 day weekend. That's always good news! After
school I went to Subway with a few of my friends. I had
never been there before, and actually...I had never even
had a sub!!! I decided that today was the day, though and I
got brave and ate one. And ya know what?...it was
amazing!! :) Mmmm...Subway! :)

Tonight we have our first home football game. I'm so
excited for it! I love home games! The only bad thing is
that right now it's raining and I don't think it's supposed
to be stopping anytime tonight. So, I'll probably be
sitting outside in the rain all night, but I'll be having
fun so I won't care. Well, I'm gonna go take a nap before I
have to leave. All this cold medicine I've been taking as
made me exhausted!!

~Daria :)