Mindy aka Cutie

The life of a suicidal Teenager.
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2002-12-19 17:47:27 (UTC)

Actually Happy

Oh man do we have alot to talk about. Alright, so this
Friday Ricky and I decided to take a break from talking,
walking together, etc. Then Friday night I spent the night
at Dalana's house, who used to be my best friend. It was
sooooo much fun, we went to the movies - just the girls -
and then afterwards drank and smoked a little. I thought
to myself wow, why can't I have this much fun with Ricky?
If I am constantly misrable then I shouldn't be with
him...right? So Saturday I broke up with him. He cried, I
cried, but you know what...I am so much happier without
him. Anyways, so Saturday night Dalana, Krystal, Me, and
Jon went to the movies. Remember Jon the new guy? Yea,
him. While we were there we ended up making out and
holding hands. Afterwards, we went back to this dude's
house and drank and smoked again. Me and him ended up
sleeping together. I know that might seem just a little
hoeish but hey...you do what your gonna do. Well, he ended
up asking me out and of course I said yes. You know what?
I haven't been this happy since me and Billy were
together. And, that's scares me. But, in a way I'm
relieved. Last night I went to his youth group's Christmas
party and we just chilled there. That was cool. We ended
up at his house....yea, his own house....he lives behind
his parents. Anyways, we got high and then just talked
about how much we care for each other and how everything is
going to be cool. It made me feel really cared for. WOW
IM FUCKING HAPPY. That is supposed to be inpossible for me
so something has to be wrong. Maybe not. He went up to
Lubbock to see his father today. Left at 4 in the morning
and it's a 10 hour trip. Promised me he would call today
and write me and not cheat on me. This is going to be hard
for me. If he does cheat on me it's all over and he won't
have anything I had to offer him. But, I dont think he
will. Even though he's extrememly hot, I don't think he
wants to leave me. He will fall in love with me. I know
he will because you know what...I'm falling in love with
him. Crazy huh, we have been together for 5 days and I'm
head over heals about the guy. Alright enough about
happiness...I'll see ya'll peeps laterz.

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