The Calamari Files
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2002-12-19 17:29:17 (UTC)

In your face


Ich habe finished my iraq project. is there any way to
post stuff on here? cause i want to see what people think,
do i sound like a crazy commie or what? i think it's
pretty good. so all i gotta do now is go into university
tomorrow, hand her in, and roberts you mother's brother.

and then i go home, and then i party hard, and then
christmas is in six days, and then i get presents. i think
ive got a gamecube game... Godzilla? ive been looking
around, it's like giant alien wrestling alledgedly, thats
what ive been told. how can it go wrong? is got mothra and
king ghidora (or whatever in it) for goodness sake! and
mechagodzilla. schwing!

anyway, the next time i write in this will be either a)
tomorrow on my last day at uni or b)from home! nigger
what? snoop de whoop whaaat? and so on.

toodle pip!