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2002-12-19 16:14:53 (UTC)

ballheaded Rebecca

ok...christmas? It feels like Thanksgiving! It don't
even seem like christmas, Spongebob don't even have a
Christmas show. I think it's because we got out early for
school, because everyone has the damn hong kong flu. No for
real, i have the hong kong flu. Don't ask me why they call
it that, but that's what my doctor told me. My cousin Kori
is pregnant. She's 17, and we are really close, and she
told her mom. I doubt she'll get kicked out though. Hey
mary, do u remember that time we went to the movies with
Jonathon, and we met that girl Carroll Anthony, i know you
remember her, anyway she pregnant too. Oh..I went to Bryan
with Pinky, and i saw the twin of ballheaded Rebecca! I was
like omg..i was in hot topic, and i had these awesome pants
(which i got) and i seen her and i was like i wish mary was
here. i accidentally broke the hanger the my pants were on.
HAHAHA it was so hilarious! and Pinky fell in a ditch...and
he said what's up? and he loves and misses u. Aleigha is so
big, she is only 4 months old, and looks like a 6 month
old. It's so adorable. Heather Powers brought Erin Presley
(her baby) to school, i saw her, and she looks like Jerry.
(skeleton dude) Aunt Jeannie is moving down here on the
20th. She's coming with Jonathon and Chance (my lil
cousins) I can't wait to see you. u never call no more, u
need to i have so much to tell you. Karissa Loper don't say
shit to me anymore.Her and Nastassia just stare at me, i
think it's because Jeremy is back and they know that he's
stalking me. I don't have much else to say except i love
you, and i miss you, and i want to see you soon.