2001-08-31 19:18:35 (UTC)

August 31st....ONE WHOLE MONTH.....

Well, I've been keeping this thing up for a whole month
now. I like this whole concept of an online diary because
my fingers move as fast as my thoughts do. Me trying to
write all this stuff didn't work out too well. Anyway,
today is Friday. For some reason, I'm really excited about
this weekend. Okay, I don't know what I'm doing Saturday.
But Sunday, I'm going to Atlanta to Battle of the Bands.
It's at Morris Brown. I'm really excited about that. As far
as tonite goes...I have to work. THAT SUCKS! :q But I get
off at 9, so that's not that bad. Oh yeah, my babies are
coming home this weekend. Toedoe, Jemarcus, and Terrell are
going to come down for the football game tonite. THEN...get
this...Leroy is suppose to be coming too!!!!!! I certainly
hope so! I want to see him too. I'm just in a really good
mood today! I love it!!! And going to work is not going to
mess up my joy for today!!! Well, I'm getting too bored
with this right now...I've got to get up and go....*J*