2002-12-19 15:08:41 (UTC)

Busy, Busy

An update:

With Thanksgiving coming so late, the holidays snuck up on

So far...
**The house is clean and decorated. The tree is up
and decorated. As usual, we have a live tree and I decorate
without tinsel or lights, just ornaments, most of them
handmade. The little feather tree is also in the living
room on a glass topped table. Christmas quilts have been
freshened and put on beds.
** Many Christmas cookies have been baked and
decorated. Many Christmas cookes have also been eaten.
More Christmas cookies will need to be be baked and
decorated. And eaten.
** John takes care of the present buying. I still
have to do the wrapping.
** The schedule for who goes where and does what
has not firmed up yet. I hope it will within the next
couple of days.
** One fruitcake has been eaten. Another
fruitcake has been baked.
** Two birthdays (mine on the 16th and Owen's on the
18th) have been celebrated. Still to go is our 23rd
wedding anniversary on December 21st.
** All four boys are home. Jack arrived from
Baltimore late last night. Owen and Gavin have been home
from Oregon State since Friday. Today is Hugh's last day
at the high school before Christmas break begins.