2002-12-19 15:01:43 (UTC)

Basics for Thursday, December 19, 2002


** Laundry
** Bake apple pie
** Make Christmas candies
** Work on quilts


DINNER: Barbequed pork, rice with vegetables, cornbread and

WHAT'S IN JOHN'S LUNCHBOX: Rice and chicken to microwave;
a ham and cheese sandwhich with slivered red pepper and
sliced olives; clam chowder to microwave with oyster
crackers; assorted Christmas cookies and candies; a piece
of orange birthday cake; an apple, an orange and a banana;
a container of iced tea, one of orange juice and one of

QUILTING: Quilting little star quilt

WHAT I'M GRATEFUL FOR: All the boys are home!

READING: The Snake Tattoo by Linda Barnes (re-read)

WEATHER: Partly cloudy with highs around 45 and lows in
the 30s.

SCHEDULE FOR TOMORROW: Finishing gift for John's parents

QUOTE: The first impact of the Christmas music is almost
painful in the poignant stirring up of memory and
sentiment. The carols never lose their evergreen ability
to invoke Christmas. ~ Rural Free: A Farmwife's Almanac of
Country Living