2001-08-31 18:58:58 (UTC)

The day back from holiday

This is my first online diary and it was pretty easy to
start using...hmmm now the thing i have to do is tell you
all the shit that happened to me on my holiday....
It was one of those family camping shitty holidays with my
girlfriend and it rained the day we got there....hmmm It
was in Cambersands near hastings which is like 80 miles
from where i live so not much difference in anything
really...I took like £100 and brought like 1 hoody (£40)
one t-shirt(£13) and one LOST PROPHETS Cd (£15)the rest of
the money i had went on like food and arcade machines....i
mean come on thats like £30!!!

God if anyones a dumbass its me... anyway i got back today
and i went with my two brothers and they were
like.....well.... to put it nicely ...little Fuckers!!! i
do l0ove my family but it was so hard not to give em a
mouth full i mean they were like little shits too me and i
had no peace and quiet the whole time!
The swimming pool was freezing...I was wet and cold the
whole time and felt pretty much like i wanted to shoot
myself in the leg so i could get into a hospital bed!

Well im home now and ive never been so glad to get onto my
I love internet like it was my own brother....sod my real
brothers the internets my family now!!!
Ahhhhhhhhh my bed.......well im off to get some ZZZZZ's...