A Place Like This
2001-08-31 18:42:21 (UTC)

Today today has been ok so far. found out a couple of cool
things, went to the mall with my mom, spent a lil money i
don't have obviously.

I bought the "fellowship of the Ring" book. Let's see how
long it takes me to read it. I wanted to go to the
library, but mom didn't want to stop there. She sure
wanted to go to Hallmark though.

Nsync will premiere "gone" in a couple weeks on TRL. Which
is VERY exciting. and Britney will be on like 4days
later. normally this isn't exciting, but for some reason i
want to see these videos.

What else? not much. you know if i worked with famous
music celebrities, i would say that a cute idea would be to
throw a masquerade party for cd release parties. Can't
explain why this idea occurs to me.

Was watching "passions"....Whitney just bitched out Rebecca
and Gwen. It's about time!! It was the funniest thing
because Whitney NEVER does that. very funny.

I'm waiting for my friend to get done copying my cd, cause
i really want to listen to it. it's sunshiney now, when it
was pouring down rain before.

Rebecca on "Passions" is a ho!!! i hate her. She's so
mean. and her character is wearing too much makeup dangit.

Memo to Jc Chasez: i happened upon an Nsync calendar...the
hair looks MUCHO better short. Cut it boy, cut it.