sheesh ya fuck
2002-12-19 10:54:04 (UTC)

just lay and beleive you lived..

just lay and beleive you lived
once alone and he will take it under the covers
close your eyes and beleive
something selfless and free
well fuck that.
[piss you off kick in walls] fuck you and your cock
im bleeding and your fiending
yeah thank me thank me for what i said because it helps to
slip slowly in with POISON
and a fuck to make you scream i hate it disease
[kick in walls]
i just try now to beleive anymore
slit my wrists feed the veigns in with sickness
sometimes people arent real when their nice
you know its real when they fucking change their mind so
quick i guess i have good reasons not to trust people when
they are good to me. its plastic and you feed it like
shit...i think it tastes ugly..maybe thats why im uptight
maybe none of this is real..since evreyone is
selfish...fuck didnt i tell evreyonee already i am a locking myself in for good..fuck you suck...and i a s well...of course...chris you
dont understand the abuse we throw about.....i dont know
its hard for me as well im growing too...i have
evrey other infinite being that means nothing but shit on
this fuck it...i just want to give
obviously dont care about me.....when im best in paper
bags and my mouth shut waiting at your door at beckon..
im just tired....i didnt think anything meant anything i
didnt know fucking obligation and you had to make it soo
heavy on m e sooo im just tired of it.........soo ican be