down in my eyes
2002-12-19 07:30:26 (UTC)

alittle bit.

"Tell me why... don't you come around no more?"

-MB & S.

After dinner, me 'n my mom just sat 'n chilled in the
kitchen. Just talking. It was sorta nice, cuz we haven't
done that in quite awhile. but, also ironic, since
we'd been in an arguement, just an hour or so, earlier.

In the middle of us conversing about nothing,... two
salesmen came knocking on my door. I opened the door,
'n two males were standing there, in suits. One of
them was cute. But, I kept the LowDown, on it.

They asked me to buy (subscribe) to a magazine- so they
could get the commission. One of them, (the less cute
one,) said that the profit would go to charity. to the
needy. Even though i honestly shouldn't be spending
much cuz of my lack of money right now, I was still
about to subscribe, 'n help them.
I like donating. I always think about it,.. that if i
was on the other side of the fence- needing the
donations, I'd be soo thankful to the people who are

But, before i could do anything, my mom butted in.
She told them sorry, but no thanks. That i'm not
interested. That i need to study, 'n i can't afford
it, right now.

Blah. O well.

Anyway, i'm thinking about possibly leaving this diary,
& moving on. I've already been starting on a new
thingey... I mean, I've been with "my-diary.org" for
over a year, already.
But, i'm not sure, yet. I'd feel guilty for abandoning
this site. It's always been here for me, when no...
human being has. Literally, I swear. Maybe i'll just
use both. I don't know..

So, yah. I'm not sure yet tho. But for all of my
audience who I KNOW (DOESN'T) give a shit about me,
Here's my fucking site...:


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